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needs a English setting

im sorry im having trouble understanding why you don't put all of the games on here (the games that are here are fantastic keep up the good work)

you can get 100% mindbreak by putting on the mask, both of the vibrators in and spam slapping her ass

Good Girl - Swallow 1 load
Naughty Girl - Swallow 2 loads
Double-shot - Swallow with 2 loads in mouth
Quad-shot - Swallow with 4 loads in mouth
Sasha Grey - Swallow with 15 loads in mouth
Timelord Technology - Swallow with 30 loads in mouth
Biggest Slut in the Galaxy - Swallow with 100 loads in mouth
Sticky Throat - Swallow 10 loads
Eager to Please - Swallow 30 loads
Love the Taste - Swallow 60 loads
Addicted to Cum - Swallow 100 loads
Cum Dumpster - Swallow 250 loads
Such a Tease - Hold 6 loads for 10 seconds, without more cumshots
Chain - Make a chain
Express - Chain 2 cumshots
Rapidfire - Chain 4 cumshots
Cum-Train - Chain 8 cumshots
You're Doing it Wrong - Idle with mouth closed for 5 minutes
She Wants It - Idle with mouth open & empty for 1 minute
Literally Drowning in Cum - Idle with mouth open & 30 loads for 1 minute
You Like Liara Way Too Much - Play the game for 15 minutes straight
A Nice Snack - Swallow 150 calories' worth of cum
Full Breakfast - Swallow 600 calories' worth of cum
I'm Full - Swallow 2000 calories' worth of cum
Cum is to Twinkies - Swallow 3000 calories' worth of cum
Getting Fat on Jizz - Swallow 4000 calories' worth of cum

how to do a chain: click the next key within .5 seconds of it showing up its near imposable to get Cum-Train

side quest: go to area 02 and 03 at 100-60 energy then go to area 05 at 50-0 energy then area 06 at 100-50 energy and then area 07 at 50-0 energy and click on the hearts

side quest: go to area 02, 03, 05, 06, and 07 and click on the hearts

Easter egg: go to area 04 with 100 energy
side quest part 1: beat/catch Greemistlane/the final boss then go to area 08 and talk to Tina
side quest part 2: go to area 01 and click on the Warehouse with 0 energy

side quest: go to area 04 at 0 energy and click on the Shop and on the exclamation point

side quest 1 part 1: unlock area 06 and go to Bridget's House with 0 energy
side quest 1 part 2: go to Bridget's House with 0 energy again
side quest 2 part 1: unlock area 06 and talk to Lily
side quest 2 part 2: go to area 01 and click on Bridget's House and on the 3rd exclamation point

side quest/Easter egg: unlock area 04 and go to Liunahelm's INN and click the exclamation mark

what's the problem with MSPaint?

god of everything

the moon school

the moon

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